Jake and Caleena |

I love when there are lots of variables when it comes to couples meeting for the first time, and that's what happened in this case. They we'rent looking for eachother, but with the help of some friends they were set up when Jake needed a date for a wedding and they immediately hit it off right away.

"Back in October, Jake and I had a date night planned one Wednesday. I didn’t realize he was planning on proposing that night. My god sister (Amanda, my matron of honor) went into labor that day so I asked Jake for a rain check. We went out of town to visit them over the weekend. When we got back on Sunday, we raked the leaves in the yard before we were going to that postponed date night. He asked me after raking leaves, before we went to dinner. I was surprised and so excited."

So simple, yet so romantic. That's Jake and Caleena. They invited their closest friends and family to gather and spend this incredibly beautufil and intimate day with them. I caught glance after glance of her smiling at him, leaning in to gently kiss him and him staring at her while she moved around the room.

Congratulations Caleena and Jake. Many many blessings to you two as you begin this next chapter.

XOXO Terra

Venue: The Historic Davenport Hote

Dress Boutique: Believe Bride

Cake: Sweet Frostings

Flowers: Rose and Blossom

MUA: Alyssa Walsh

DJ: Robert Fisher, Family friend