Their story begian long before their relationship did. Only as acquaintances in highschool, their friendship began back before Neil even had texting on his phone. Talking day and night on MSN messenger, they'd talked about anything they were doing or about nothing at all. But there was always a conversation going. There were lots of late night/early morning trips to the gas station and they'd often be up just talking about random stuff until the sun came up. They had a complicated friendship – Neil knew that Emily was the love of his life and Emily was not ready to risk one of the best friendships anyone has ever had.

About six years later they finally started dating. No one was surprised by this, but all the same they were ecstatic. The relationship started out as if they had already been dating for years. Right away they knew that if we were going to date, they were going to get married.

For three long years Emily waited for that proposal. Waited, encouraged, and threatened. On the weekend before their third anniversary they took a trip to Seattle and explored the very rainy city. Emily waited all weekend for a proposal, had fancy dinners, drinks at intimate diners. Nothing. Then on the day of their third anniversary, Emily, suffering from a cold, no doubt brought on by the previous weekends rainy walks was persuaded to go on yet another hike with Neil up Candy Mountain. After countless minutes of Neil admiring the view and pacing the top of the mountain got down on one knee and asked Emily to marry him. Finally! :)

The wedding day was perfect and though things got slightly off schedule, you can see how beautiful and stunning she and everything else turned out.

"We couldn’t have had a more wonderful day with our friends and family."

Lastly, instead of using their engagement session BEFORE the wedding since she's got a pretty awesome sister for a photographer as well, we went out a few days later and took advantage of the beautiful sunset out at the dunes.

Congratulations Emily and Neil. Thanks for letting me tell your story through my lens.

XOXO Terra

Dress: Amy's Bridal Boutique

Flowers: Simplified Celebrations

Cake: Layered Cake Artistry

Venue: Kennewick Fairgrounds