On a warm summer day in June of 2015, Madeline and Nolan were both working at their church's carwash to fund raise money for summer church camp. It's no surprise that Madeline caught his eye and the two quickly hit it off. That friendship matured into a deeper relationship and after a year of being best friends and on the night of Nolan's internship graduation, he asked her to officially be his girlfriend.


"I told her we were going to watch a movie. So we sat down and watched all the commercials and then when the "movie” started it was our song followed by a slideshow of our pictures together. At the end it said, “Will you be my girlfriend?”


Dec. 26th 2017, Nolan arranged for a limo to pick Madeline up. As she got inside she was handed a note and what followed would change the direction of her life forever. The first stop was to the same spot they first met and where he had told her he loved her for the first time. Following a trail of rose pedals she found a note and was then directed to go to the next spot, his home. This is where they shared their first dance and kiss. She followed more rose pedals finding another note directing her now to the lighthouse. As the limo pulled up to the lighthouse, there Nolan was waiting.


"She walked out of the limo and into the snow, never looking more beautiful."


He got down on one knee and asked her to be his forever. These two have something so beautiful and so special and I cannot wait for the day when they finally say "I do's."


XOXO Terra



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