I love when I get a good, "so, how'd ya meet" story from my brides and grooms. And this folks is a GOOD one. :) When I first met Mercedes, she was living up here in WA planning their wedding while her soon to be husband was working and living in CA. Here's their story. 
 When she was a sophomore in college she applied for the exchange program at California State University in Los Angeles to study clothing, textile and design. She was soon accepted and transferred in (2008)) to CSULA. While in LA she took on an internship. On a normal (sunny) day, she was driving on the 110 freeway and noticed a handsome man in the car next to her. They exchanged glances and nervously she quickly drove off. (This is the part I absolutely love!)  He then caught back up to her and rolled his window down asking her for her name and number. Like any woman who knows it's better to be safe than sorry she replied, " Ill take your number. " :)  And just like that she wrote his number down and they began exchanging texts and phone calls starting that very  day. After many dates, more college, and 5 years of long distance he proposed to her in Cabo San Lucas and the rest is history. These two are such humble and kind folks and their wedding day not only was beautiful, but the love that was shared by all of their friends and family was overwhelming.

Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Bey!

DJ: DJ Fresco
Ring: Darbini Jewelry 
My Assistant: Kelly Little